Meet our Chefs

Chef Marcos's journey began in the rural parts of Venezuela, where scarcity shaped his early years. Working tirelessly from a young age to support his family, he discovered his passion for cooking in his teenage years and later pursued formal culinary education. With a successful career that took him to renowned establishments like the Four Seasons and Hilton resorts in Florida, he also had the honor of cooking for famous personalities and White House events. Chef Marcos's path eventually led him to Los Angeles, where fate brought him together with Chef Louis. The serendipitous encounter sparked a dynamic partnership that resulted in the creation of a food truck, delighting thousands of people with their delectable South American and Korean fusion cuisine.
Chef Marcos's culinary expertise and charisma caught the attention of television producers, earning him a spot on the popular TV show Below Deck on Bravo TV and NBC. Fans flocked to his restaurant, eager to savor the incredible dishes he showcased on the show. With his passion for culinary excellence, Chef Marcos Spaziani continues to craft remarkable dining moments, delighting diners and leaving a lasting impression on their taste buds and hearts.

Born and raised in the vibrant city, Chef Louis honed his culinary skills through immersive culinary studies right here in his hometown. With a wealth of experience gained from working in renowned establishments across West Hollywood, Melrose, and Beverly Hills, Chef Louis has honed his craft in some of the most prestigious culinary hotspots in the area. His journey eventually brought him together with Chef Marcos, a fateful encounter that would forever change the culinary landscape of Los Angeles.
In the hands of Chef Louis Huh, every plate becomes a work of art, showcasing his dedication to creating a dining experience like no other. Through his awe-inspiring shows and exquisite dishes, he invites you to revel in the magic of his culinary world, where flavors intertwine and create harmonies that dance on your palate. Indulge in the unique and awe-inspiring creations that can only be found at the hands of Chef Louis Huh's exceptional culinary skills.